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We are trusted by the world’s major industrial auctioneers.

Nobody has more experience with shipping for auctions than Depth Logistics. For more than 30 years the team at Depth Logistics have been shipping cargo to auctioneers all over the world and then back out again to the buyers after the sale.

We are a preferred freight forwarder to the major heavy machinery auctioneers themselves in re-positioning heavy equipment to their sale yards for auction and afterwards they refer buyers to us for shipping as they know they will be in the best hands.

We understand the term ‘As is, Where is’ for buyers and take care of everything right to their door at home.

Supporting buyers with shipping prices for bid formulation ahead of a sale is routine for us and we understand that you may not be successful at auction. Nonetheless you can rely on us to always respond promptly with competitive shipping pricing that you can use to formulate your bid prices.

You can contact us 24/7 for any of your needs or use our myCargo Quotes system for real time automated rate indications on thousands of models of equipment.

Depth Logistics makes the transport elements of consigning or buying at auctions all over the world easy.

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