Marine Insurance

We strongly recommend that each and every shipment is covered by a comprehensive marine insurance policy. Depth Logistics offer the full suite of annual, open cover, and single shipment policies for imports, exports and goods in transit domestically depending on what is right for you.

Our premiums are highly competitive with first class underwriters with excellent claims performance. At the end of the day claims performance is everything.

Goods in transit can be exposed to all sorts of unforeseen risks and the carrier’s cargo liability can be limited and sometimes offer you no relief at all.

Single Transit Cargo Cover


If you prefer to take out cargo insurance cover on individual shipments then you can accomplish this 100% online using our myCargo facility.

Within a few minutes you can get a quote, pay the premium by PayPal and receive the Insurance Certificate instantly online.

This facility is perfect for urgent cover you need to get in place and it is accessible 24/7. Insurance Cover via this facility is in line with Marine Institute Cargo Clauses (A) however there are some limitations on the maximum insured value on some types of cargo so if your requirement falls outside of these please contact us literally anytime by phone, chat or email.

We are committed to giving you absolute reliability with our service and peace of mind that your cargo is covered in the event of a mishap.


Annual Marine Insurance Policy

If you are a high volume shipper then an Annual Marine Cargo Insurance Policy would be right for you.

This type of cover protects you for the period of insurance shown on the policy and for any subsequent period where renewal is agreed. The maximum amount we will pay under the policy will not exceed the sum insured shown on the terms and conditions unless otherwise specified.

Open Marine Insurance Policy

An Open Marine Cargo Insurance Policy is not always limited by a certain sum insured. This suits shippers who do not know the value and full details of goods they plan to ship.

This type of policy requires that you declare the goods to the underwriter who will insure the Goods in Transit falling within the agreement for an indefinite period or until the agreement is cancelled.


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