Depth Logistics can design and implement intelligent packaging and preservation systems to complement our logistics services.

We can improve the level of protection of your cargo, reduce freight and insurance costs, improve safety and efficiency in handling your shipments by developing packaging specifications.

Returnable and reusable packaging systems are our specialty. We consult on and develop systems that can protect your products from corrosion, ESD, humidity and shock or impact.

Our packaging solutions are fit for all modes of transport internationally and for cargo large or small. They are suitable for long and short term storage and can employ the latest technology that can track your cargo anywhere in the world while reporting data such as humidity, shock and g-force monitoring.

Depth Logistics are experts in ITAR packaging and Australian Defence Force Packaging Standard DEF(AUST)1000C.

Cargo integrity and safety are the paramount considerations in any transport and storage and our capabilities in packaging mitigate risk for everyone in your supply chain.