RoRo Shipping

Depth Logistics is regarded as one of the largest and most experienced RoRo(Roll on/Roll off) freight forwarders in the world.

Whether you need to ship cars, trucks, buses, trailers, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, construction machinery or heavy break bulk cargo then shipping via RoRo is the safest and most efficient means of transport there is. This is because cargo is always stowed below deck and there is minimal lifting by cranes as most cargo is loaded via stern ramps on the vessels. It can be driven or towed on and off the ship.

Any sort of out of gauge cargo can be shipped by RoRo. The vessels have stern ramp capacities of up 375T and hatch heights of up to 6.5m so this allows loading of break bulk cargo, such as heavy generators, by MAFI trailer. Decks in most RoRo vessels are adjustable allowing for high cargo to be safely stowed.

These is no cargo transportation challenge we have been unable to solve by shipping via RoRo.

Depth Logistics has world leading experience and close working relationships with most of the worlds largest RoRo carriers. This translates into cost effective and safe and absolutely reliable roll on roll off transport of your vehicles and break bulk cargo anywhere in the world.