RoRo Shipping

Depth Logistics RoRoDepth Logistics is regarded as one of the largest and most experienced RoRo(Roll on/Roll off) freight forwarders in the world.

Whether you need to ship cars, trucks, buses, trailers, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, construction machinery or heavy break bulk cargo then shipping via RoRo is the safest and most efficient means of transport there is. This is because cargo is always stowed below deck and there is minimal lifting by cranes as most cargo is loaded via stern ramps on the vessels. It can be driven or towed on and off the ship.

Any sort of out of gauge cargo can be shipped by RoRo. The vessels have stern ramp capacities of up 375T and hatch heights of up to 6.5m so this allows loading of all manner of high and heavy cargo. Decks in most RoRo ships are adjustable allowing for high cargo to be safely stowed.

There is no cargo transportation challenge we have been unable to solve by shipping via RoRo.

Depth Logistics has world leading experience and close working relationships with most of the worlds largest RoRo carriers. This translates into cost effective and safe and absolutely reliable roll on roll off transport of your vehicles and break bulk cargo anywhere in the world.

MAFI Trailer Shipping for Break Bulk Cargo

Depth Logistics MAFIDepth Logistics is a world leader and highly innovative in shipping static cargo efficiently via MAFI Trailers. We actually prefer this shipment method rather than containerisation or shipment via conventional tweendecker vessels. Costs overall are often cheaper for many types of cargo.

We routinely ship mining equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, locomotives, boats, industrial plants, machinery and energy generation equipment via MAFI Trailers.

So what is a MAFI Trailer?
MAFI’s are rolltrailers that are part of the ships equipment in modern RoRo vessels. They come in varying lengths, widths and weight capacities. They range in length from 12m to 24.4m and carry cargo weighing up to 160T. They can even be combined into a single module to transport very long or even heavier cargo than can otherwise be handled on single MAFI.

MAFI’s are towed on and off RoRo vessels by specialised tractors and are stowed below deck and therefore well protected from the weather at sea.

The key benefits of MAFI’s include:

  • Safer cargo handling with minimal lifting of cargo for loading and unloading compared to convention tweendecker ships where cargo is lifted 20m+ high
  • Stowage is below deck
  • Cargo handling is less expensive than heavy lift vessels
  • They are suitable for all types of static or break bulk cargo
  • Out of gauge cargo is easily handled. You are not limited to the internal dimensions of a container
  • If the cargo is wider or longer than the MAFI then as long as it is stable and can be securely lashed and will fit through the ships hatches then there is no problem
  • Vessel loading and discharge operations are faster than conventional vessels
  • For locomotives and rail cars some MAFI’s have in-built rails so they can be loaded easily without lifting and stowed safely
  • Less expensive and time consuming dismantling/reassembly of cargo compared to containerisation

Please contact us to discuss whether any of your cargo can be converted to MAFI cargo as it is the most efficient way to transport any type of of heavy or out of gauge cargo.

We’re more than happy to provide you with comparative pricing and collaborate on the most efficient way to handle your cargo.