RoRo Shipping of Vehicles

Depth Logistics is one of the largest RoRo freight forwarders in the world and safely handles shipping of thousands of vehicles each year.

RoRo shipping of cars, trucks, buses, motorhomes, trailers and other types of vehicles is the safest and most cost effective way to transport them internationally or domestically.

The vehicles are always stowed below deck so they are given excellent protection from sea air and weather. Loading and discharge of RoRo cargo is via the ship’s ramps which allows them to be driven on and off.

Shipping vehicles and trailers via RoRo is far better and easier than containerising them and the incidence of damage is far lower. Our RoRo shipping rates are also very competitive compared to containerisation.

Coastal car shipping between Fremantle and East coast ports is simple and fast with transit time of 4-8 eight days.

We have close working relationships with leading roll on roll off shipping lines such as, NYK, Hoegh Autoliners, Toyo Fuji, MOL and K Line to mention a few.

Roro Shipping