COVID19 International Shipping

COVID19 International Shipping

COVID19 24/7 Global Logistics Hotline: +61(0)730544670

COVID19 Crisis Cargo

Depth Logistics has deployed members of our Defence Logistics Team into a special COVID19 Crisis Response team who are operating 24/7 from our Brisbane, Australia HQ.

Our COVID19 Team will focus strictly on commercial and government shipments of urgent medical supplies, medical equipment and PPE to and from anywhere in the world. Their mission is simply to do what it takes to get this medical cargo efficiently to the destination required and overcome any and all impediments there may be. 

Our clients can draw on the tremendous experience and unconventional supply chain channels this team has in solving logistical problems with speed and agility globally. We are treating every consignment like a mission in itself and our aim is Absolute Reliability. This is the same team that most recently responded to delivering fire retardant for the Australian Bushfires relief efforts earlier this year.

When you call our COVID19 24/7 Logistics Hotline (+61(0)730544670) you are connected directly to the operations people who will respond to your needs in a personal manner and not a call center.

Currently Chinese suppliers are probably the largest producer of Coronavirus PPE and Ventilators so we have people on the ground there who are coordinating local deliveries and export customs clearance.

Similarly our own network of offices and agents are on hand in most countries to expedite customs clearance and local delivery of the medical cargo.

Airfreight of Medical Supplies

Currently most international commercial airline fleets are grounded so by leveraging our excellent working relationships with cargo aircraft owners around the world we have an excellent track record finding innovative solutions to get urgent medical cargo uplifted.

This includes utilising Antonov aircraft which recently delivered a full payload of sanitiser into Sydney.

Air Freight

Space demands on these aircraft is at a record high so most carriers are quoting daily spot air freight rates with 24 hours validity and demand prepayment at the time of booking. One reason for this is that they want to be sure that all booked cargo is delivered for uplift as any space not utilised on each and every flight could have been allocated to other urgent medical cargo.

Air Freight Cargo

We are also at the forefront of Passenger to Cargo(PTC) flights where we are working with carriers to load cargo on passenger aircraft literally in the passenger seats if possible. Our team has also assisted with sea/air and road/air solutions to overcome lack of carriers or coronavirus restrictions.

COVID19 Logistics

Sea Freight of Medical Supplies

Currently international ocean freight supply chains are functioning quite well and transit times with some carriers are reasonably fast. There is no need to prepay freight charges and the costs are radically lower than current air freight rates.

Sea Freight of Medical Supplies

Our Credentials

  • Logistics Panel Provider to Commonwealth of Australia Government Departments including the Dept of Defence & the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • Strategically Located Global Resources, Offices & Agent
  • Members of the Australian Federation of International Forwarders
  • FIATA Agents
  • Members of the Australian Industry Defence Network
  • OTI member of the USA Federal Maritime Commission
  • Freight Forwarders Liability Insured