Kogan Creek Power Station, Queensland, Australia

Our team have a long history of providing the international transport and logistics to many of the major Power Stations across Australia.

One such project is the Kogan Creek Power Station in Queensland.

After being inspected by an approved Biosecurity Consultant in China, steel for the project was shipped to the Port of Brisbane where it was cleared by Customs and then transported out to site.

The Kogan Creek project was a highly specialised job. It involved shipping and transporting structural steel beams which measured up to 35 metres in length. These structural beams were designed specifically for use in the power plant and as a result were much more delicate than standard steel beams. Any damage or heavy impact on the beams would have caused the steel to fracture. To ensure adequate protection, cargo sensitivity was always paramount when planning for transportation of the beams.

The entire project took 18 months’ worth of shipments to fulfill, and was completed on time and within budget.