Orica Nitric Acid Plant

In early 2005, the global mining and chemical company Orica, were looking for a highly experienced project logistics team to provide a solution to their problem.

They needed to ship an entire nitric acid plant from Denmark to Australia. The plant was to be shipped from Fredericia in Denmark and delivered to two locations in Gladstone (Queensland) and Newcastle (New South Wales)

The project was a massive task involving lengthy planning for the loading of 18,500 freight tonnes on a special Big Lift vessel.

The heaviest component was a 205 tonne column with a diameter of 7.5m and length of 53m (half a football field). Other key components included four stainless steel tanks with an individual weight of 18 tonnes and two boilers weighing 40 and 71 tonnes respectively.

Due to the size of the cargo and road restrictions in both Gladstone and Newcastle, cargo had to be barged up river. Furthermore, special barge landings and access roads had to be purpose-built up river weeks in advance of the vessel’s arrival.

In line with the client’s urgent delivery timetable, the ship was loaded in four days, unloaded in Gladstone (bulk of cargo) in two days and the remaining items unloaded in 10 hours in Newcastle.