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Depth Logistics seeks to do business with ethical, reputable, innovative suppliers that provide high quality and cost effective approaches to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

We prefer to work with suppliers that have ISO certifications, are 6 Sigma or have formal Quality, Safety and Environmental procedures in place.

Please complete the following information and upload copies of supporting documentation where requested.

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    Minimum Insurance Cover for Approved Suppliers

    As required by our insurers and Chain of Responsibility Legislation, suppliers to Depth Logistics need to provide details of their current insurance policies (minimum requirements) and complete the Approved Supplier Working Agreement.

    Please upload a copy of the signed Approved Supplier Working Agreement:

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    Need help? Please contact the Depth Logistics Administration Manager on +61 7 3054 4670  or [email protected]

    Please note that information which you provide to Depth Logistics will not be disclosed to any outside party and will be used by the company for the purpose of determining compliance with our formal approved supplier requirements. We will contact you for further information if required. Depth Logistics reserves the right to make all procurement decisions at our sole discretion.

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