Australian Coastal Shipping

Moving cargo across Australia? It is more cost effective to use coastal shipping than you think.

Depending on the size and volume of the cargo, Depth Logistics has frequently saved our clients up to 75% by using Australian coastal shipping services compared to road and rail freight.

Savings can be made on any type of domestic cargo by sea. However, the largest savings can be made on those where the cargo is especially heavy or high, or require police or other escorts to travel by road which can only be permitted to travel in daylight hours. In comparison, transit by sea takes much the same time. Domestic coastal shipping provides a timely and cost effective alternative to get your cargo to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle.

We can also offer domestic coastal shipping to and from Tasmania and mainland Australia.

Coastal vessels depart on average twice weekly from most major east and west coast Australia ports. Contact us for a quote or for coastal shipping schedule information.

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