How long does it take for Customs Clearance?

How long does it take for Customs Clearance?

Depth Logistics’ customs broker is online to Australian Border Force Integrated Cargo System. This enables electronic lodgment of customs declarations. About 98% or more of the entries we lodge are processed and released same day by Customs. If Customs have queries or decided to do a detailed check of the documents and cargo this can sometimes take a few days more depending on the nature of their enquiry.

We prioritise the lodgment of customs declarations on shipments that have already arrived over shipments that are still enroute so that expensive storage charges can be avoided. We lodge entries with Customs usually less than 24 hours after receipt of a full set of shipping documents.

It is important to get us your shipping documents to us without delay. If we have a full set of documents prior to the cargo arriving we can arrange a pre-clearance. This means your goods are able to be delivered with little or no delay after they physically land. If the goods are subject to Quarantine clearance this can take another one or two days to process depending on what action is taken by this authority.

Before Customs release your cargo they require us to pay any import duty, GST and Electronic Entry Charges. To avoid delays it is important you make payment to us so we have cleared funds on hand in order to meet the daily direct debit Australian Border Force make on our bank account.


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